Review Policy

I’m willing to receive finished copies or ARC copies of books in exchange for a completely honest review. Please read through the following information before sending me a review request. Thank you!

These are the types of book genres that I most enjoy reading:

  • Young Adult/New Adult Fiction
    (fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, romance, horror, thriller, mystery)

And these are the types of book genres that I will not read:

  • religious
  • erotica
  • most non-fiction unless it highly interests me

These are the forms of books that I will accept for review:

  • Physical copies
  • Ebook copies (preferably in either .pdf or .mobi format)

After reading a book, I will post my review and/or a link to my review onto:

You can go here to view the rating scale that I use when reviewing books.

Review Disclaimer: I will try to read and review your book when possible as I am very grateful for the opportunity, however, unless I tell you otherwise, I can’t make any concrete promises to read and review your book. I am not obligated to review your book after you’ve sent me a request or after you’ve sent me a copy of the book. Also, please note that when I do review your book the review will be 100% honest, meaning there is a possibility that it could be a negative review. I have never (and will never) write a review that completely bashes an author or a book in an unprofessional way. However, if I do find a book rather unenjoyable, I will post my opinions and the reasons behind my disliking towards the book in a respectable manner.

If you have a book that you’d like me to review or if you have any inquires regarding author interviews, giveaways, cover reveals, etc., please send an email to: