My Rating System

When rating books that I’ve read, this is the rating system that I use:

★★★ — I absolutely loved this book; it was incredible and I definitely recommend it. I think that the characters were well-rounded, the story was intriguing, the writing was brilliant, and, overall, this was an amazing novel.

★★★★ — I really liked and enjoyed this book! It might have had a few flaws here and there but it was still a great book and I would still recommend it to others.

★★★ — This book was good, but it was also fairly average. There weren’t enough elements within this story that really stood out to me enough and the story wasn’t as memorable as I hoped it would be.

★★ — I didn’t really like this book. It might have had a predictable or confusing plot, underdeveloped characters, or other types of flaws that, when combined together, made this book much less enjoyable.

 — There were little to no aspects of this book that I liked at all. This book was frustrating and it contained a lack of character development, plot development, or/and other issues that made this book very, very unenjoyable and hard to finish reading altogether. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

Note: I sometimes use half-star ratings if a book is right on the cusp of a higher star rating!